Editing Services

I am a writer and editor who is passionate about what I do. I am always reading and improving my craft and would love the chance to make your work the best it can be. I will give you constructive criticism, developmental editing, copyediting, or line editing for 1 cent per word. Combinations of the types of editing will be 1 cent per word per type of editing. For example, if you want me to do developmental and line edits, it will cost you 2 cents per word. I will edit texts of any length. I prefer to edit fiction but will also edit academic papers in the APA or MLA format or blog posts. I will not fact check your writing.

How I Got Started:

I started editing my peers’ work and have always had an affinity for grammar and the craft of writing, so editing fiction is my favorite pass time. I thought it would be great to offer my services to everyone. I decided to make it a venture for myself at the beginning of this year as a way to gain experience for my potential career paths in the writing and publishing world. I am taking editing courses in school and am currently in the process of getting a degree in English Creative Writing with minors in Business Writing and Social Media Marketing.


I will do developmental, line, or copyediting on any piece of writing for 1 cent per word. Add one cent per word for each type of editing you would like done.

To Get Services:

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