Music: More Than Background Noise by Pamela Acker

Record player playing music
Photo by ponce_photography via Pixabay

This great article on music and the way it influences our lives was written by Pamela Acker, a fellow writer on Coffee House Writers. You can find the full article here.

Music: More Than Background Noise by Pamela Acker

It is around us everywhere we go.  Part of our active lives not only includes music, but it also seems that it is threaded into our existence.  The first thing I do after getting into my car is turning on the radio.  No thought goes into this action, it has become tethered to my daily routine.  And this is just an example for riding in the car.  Music is playing in the stores, workplaces, bus stations, train stations, airports, on airplanes, and any other travel mode we experience. Do we even notice the music playing?  It has become a passive part of our lives.

It is even available for our sports and exercise regimens.  How many people do you come in contact with during the day wearing headphones, bopping along listening to tunes? Well, this passive listening to music lead to my writing this article.  As an active watcher of the world around me, I noticed music is playing everywhere and wondered whether the listeners realized their actions as a passive response to daily routines.

Music is a creative expression of sounds, beats, tempos and mixtures of notes that get under our skin in ways that contribute to happy feelings.  Music also acts as a [Read More]


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