Three Books I Recommend for Writers

I have read a lot of books about the craft of writing. Right now I am reading three exceptional ones that I wanted to mention.

1. On Writing Fiction by David Jauss

On Writing Fiction by David Jauss Cover
Photo via Amazon

This book is a collection of thoughtful essays on different aspects of fiction. I would suggest reading it in small chunks since it can be hard to digest sometimes. But it is full of valuable information such as how to create distance between the POV character and the reader, regardless of whether you are writing in first person or third person, how to achieve flow in your writing from the sentence structure up to the novel as a whole, and the advantages and drawbacks of writing in the present tense.

Find it here.

2. Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds by George Singleton

Pep Talks, Warnings, and Screeds Cover
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This is written in short and funny anecdotes with a message about writing behind each one. easy to digest in a single sitting, and with hilarious illustrations by Daniel Wallace, this book will make learning about writing fun. I love how it gets its point across without shoving it down your throat and will even make you laugh along the way!

Find it here.

3. Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Story Genius by Lisa Cron
Photo via Amazon

This book gives you a step by step process to plan your novel and make your novel unable to be put down by readers. Useful for pantsers as well as plotters, this method makes it easy for you to flesh out your character and make everything that happens in your novel a part of the cause and effect trajectory so useless scenes won’t make an appearance, or can be weeded out after the fact.

Find it here.

All of these books have helped me think in new terms in regards to writing. Each one had helped define my process in a separate way. I hope you guys find them as helpful as I have. Have you read these books? Tell me what you think in the comments below!


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