Chapter 2 of Treasured: A WIP Part 3

Chapter of Treasured
Photo by Stock Snap via Pixabay

This is the final part of the series of my current work in progress, Treasured. You can read Chapter 1 from Cam’s POV with the following links: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. You can read the previous parts of Chapter 2 from Audric’s POV with the following links: Part 1 and Part 2. Enjoy!

Treasured Chapter 2: Part 3

Gideon smiled at me and cleared his throat. The woman slammed the book shut and stood, a shy smile on her face. She was gorgeous with jade green eyes and sunshine-colored hair.

My eyes immediately went to her wrist and saw the silver bracelet there, encrusted with obsidian filling in the closed spaces of the letters of Gideon’s name. I knew what she was, and I couldn’t believe Gideon had found her, much less convinced her to sign the blood contract that bound them together for eternity.

“Emily, this is my old friend I was telling you about. Audric Poole. Audric, I’d like you to meet my Treasured, Emily.”

I nodded at her, a forced smile on my face. “How do you do?” I asked. She smiled, her shyness evaporating.

“Well. I’ve heard a lot about your adventures with Gideon. Although I have the feeling he’s leaving out quite a few conquests.”

Gideon looked panicked and gestured his hand across his neck, trying to keep me from confirming her suspicions. He would have no such luck. He said he would never choose a Treasured. I was going to give him as much grief about this as I could.

“I have no doubt he is leaving out the majority of the women he has slept with. I like you already, Emily.” Gideon glared at me, but I ignored him.

She smiled at me and glared at Gideon. “Well, it does take a certain kind of person to create a blood contract with a vampire. Promising forever with humans is a little less binding. But what can I say? He stole my heart.” Gideon walked over and put his arm around Emily’s waist. She leaned into him. I could see the love between them. It would remain to be seen whether Emily would join the group or replace me in Gideon’s world.

I guess Gideon grew up.

“Many women would run the other way, screaming,” I said.

“I think a lot fewer women would do so than you think. And having a Treasured is not as bad as we imagined, Audric.” Emily elbowed him. He rolled his eyes and squeezed her closer, kissing her forehead. “You know I didn’t mean it like that. It’s amazing. I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he said. She smiled and went on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips. I turned away, feeling sick with a twinge in my chest.

“So, who was the girl I saw you talking to outside of the old tavern?” Gideon asked. “The conversation looked intense. She didn’t seem to like you very much. Of course, that makes me like her already.”

I rolled my eyes and turned back towards them. “Her name is Cam. Not sure what that’s short for, but I intend to find out. She was at Stanford and saw something she shouldn’t have involving me.” Emily gasped. She knew that people who knew about us without being bound were dangerous. She could start a hunt if she wanted to.

“She hasn’t told anyone has she?” Gideon asked, his voice tight.

“Not that I could tell. She’s from around here and loves local histories. I’m assuming she’s already seen all of the material in the historical society, which means she knows too much. I’m keeping my eye on her.”

“She’s gorgeous, though. It won’t be too much of a task to keep her under watch,” Gideon winked at me.

I drifted off into the memory of her scared and defiant honey-colored eyes staring back at me. Gideon snapping his fingers in front of my face brought me back to the present. He was smirking at me.

“If I didn’t know you any better, I’d think you were just daydreaming about her,” Gideon said. Emily had a knowing smile on her face.

I brushed past them both to my bedroom, knocking shoulders with Gideon as I passed. “Piss off,” I said under my breath. He just laughed. I slammed the door behind me and sunk on the bed.

As a vampire, we didn’t need much sleep. But it helped to have some when we were exhausted. Running from California to Connecticut was draining. An hour or two would bring me back to normal.

I dropped on to the mattress and closed my eyes, dreaming of Cam’s unique eyes looking into my own as I kissed her until we were both breathless.


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