How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Time

You could spend your free time more productively
Photo by geralt via Pixabay

We tend to spend a lot of our free time watching TV or on social media, going down the black hole of the internet.

So how can we break our habits?

First of all, you want to figure out what goals you’re giving up by spending your free time that way. As a writer, I give up time that could be spent writing, editing, or promoting my author platform.

The next question to ask is how badly you want these goals. For me, being a self-published author is my dream. Like, supporting myself with just my writing has been a dream ever since I was a child.

So, what’s the next step?

Start tracking a normal day. Write down start times and end times with activities in each time slot. Don’t create a schedule, just observe how you spend your time. You might be surprised how long you spend watching TV or exploring the internet.

Do you spend your free time watching too much TV?
Photo by Pexels via Pixabay

Then, see when you can cut back. I never cut all of it off. I just make sure I reach my goals every day. I make small goals. When I reach those on a consistent basis, I add more to the goal until I reach a point where I feel like I can’t do anymore. I also base these goals on my priorities and what I need. I evaluate these goals, priorities, and what I need on a regular basis and adjust them accordingly.

Then use some of the time you would normally spend watching TV or surfing the web working towards these goals. Just until you reach them. You can do more if you feel like it.

My goals started out with writing 500 words of new material a day, on any project. Now, I consistently write over 1,000 words of new content per day, in addition to 15 minutes of editing.

Spending all your free time on social media isn't productive
Photo by geralt via Pixabay

Cut back on your habits slowly so you can get used to the change. I moved into my grandma’s house. She doesn’t have TV, so I found myself spending a lot more time writing and reading after getting bored of binging on my parent’s Netflix account.

I feel so much more productive, and even finished my first full-length novel in a record 8 months because of not having any TV and being stubborn about achieving my goals.

How can you spend your free time more productively? What are the goals that you can work towards?


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