Chapter 2 of Treasured: A WIP Part 1

Chapter of Treasured
Photo by Stock Snap via Pixabay

This is a continuation of the book Treasured which I am currently working on. This chapter is from Audric’s POV. If you want to read chapter one, read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 with the appropriate links. This is the first draft, so please excuse any mistakes typos or inconsistencies. I thought it was worth sharing, though.

Treasured Chapter 2: Part 1

Audric Poole:

How interesting. Cam… I remembered her. Her honey eyes were distinctive. Her wavy coffee brown hair was less so, but it hadn’t changed since the last time I saw her. She had opened the door to the dorm room where I was feeding on the girl. I didn’t see her clearly. Only her reflection on the mirror out of the side of my eye. I wondered whether I should kill her, at the moment. I remember deciding to wait and see if rumors of vampires on campus would spread around. They didn’t, so I forgot about the incident.

At least one thing was good about her. She knew to keep her mouth shut. I appreciated that. But there was more to her than that. I was intrigued. She obviously cared for Jeb, otherwise, why would she risk her life in order to stop him from saying something she shouldn’t say? And what on Earth had possessed me to kiss her?

She didn’t know that I could feed without killing. I had enough control for that since I fed regularly. But in a small town like this rumors of vampires could start a war. My grave coming up empty with the river was most unfortunate. I would need to be careful.

I only came here once every hundred years or so. It had been long enough that no one would remember me. But with Cam snooping around the local history… well. I would have to keep my eye on her. She knew too much already. And if she blabbed she would be in heaps of trouble.

But if what Jeb said was true, she was hated in this town. And I had to find out why. I looked up at the blanket of white clouds covering the sky and pulled my collar up against the wind. It was about time for me to feed again. I had traveled far today and it takes energy. California to Connecticut in one day is a long walk.

But I would have to go out of town. I didn’t want to cause too much trouble in this town if I could help it. I wanted to stay here for a while if I could. Besides, Gideon said he would meet me here. He said he had a surprise for me. I never really grew up and I was happy with that. Same with Gideon. That’s why we were best friends and had been for so long. I had no idea what his surprise would be, but I knew it had to be good. He had sounded too excited on the phone.

I looked at the darkening sky. I would have to hurry if I wanted to get far enough out of town to have some variety in picking my meal. My gums itched and I ran my tongue over them to ease the uncomfortable feeling.

I took off at an amble down the sidewalk, heading towards the woods near the river. I couldn’t risk going faster. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. And I wasn’t in jogging clothes. It was frustrating to have to go so slow.

Once safely inside the woods, I allowed myself to go as fast as I needed to. I followed the trails to the mountains. Only hardcore hikers would be out here this late. Those who jogged after work were heading home this time. I slowed and closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of the woods, listening for footsteps. When I located a lone set of shoes the itching in my gums turned to a pins and needles feeling as I chose my victim. I followed the sound and went ahead of him to a crossroads in the trail.

I heard his approach and stared at the sign as if trying to figure out which way to go. He came closer and I could feel my gums pulsing, painful, ready to make my fangs come out at a moment’s notice.

“You lost man?” he said.

“Yeah…Which way is back towards the highway?” I turned slowly, keeping my face under control. The highway was the opposite way from Orkney. His jugular was pumping blood in a fast, steady rhythm visible in his neck. My fangs grew. I couldn’t talk anymore without alerting him to what I was. It felt like a toothache, the pulsing in my teeth matching the beat of his heart.


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