Back on Track

Life is back on track
Photo by annca via Pixabay

My life is going back on track in more ways than one. Here is a list of ways things are falling into place.

As you may have noticed, my catch up posts ended on Thursday, the 19th, with a Functionally Fictional review of “The Path to Courage” by Debbie Burns. We are back on track with posts from three or more times a week. I am seriously considering going back to daily posts because of the higher number of views and followers I get. These things are important to a blogger who is trying to build their platform.

But would it be worth it for my mental health? I figure if I can write at least one post a day and stay ahead by a day or two (or more, ideally) I would be fine. I’m already writing almost every day to begin with. It wouldn’t be too much to add a couple hundred words more on a different project. The hard part would be coming up with topics.

Mental Health is imporntant
Photo by WokandaPix via Pixabay

Another thing that has fallen into place is that we are finally getting our roof fixed! It has been broken since the Hurricane and is just now going to get fixed. I’m so glad it’s going to be over and my room won’t leak anymore.

I have also decided to add more pictures to the blog in order to make it easier and more appealing to read and look at. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Finally, I have written a couple things in my Creative Writing class for my online college and have gotten great responses and glowing comments. Everyone has said my work is strong and well written, including the professor. I will be sharing some of those assignments over the next few posts.

Things are finally starting to fall into place. Granted, there are still more things that could fall into place and make my day even better but so many things are going right that I am not going to start complaining.



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