West Oak, OR Catch Up: Part 6

This will be the second article from the town’s newspaper the characters will respond to. You can find previous installments of the catch-up series with the corresponding links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

You can find the full article here. Enjoy!

Identity of the West Oak Werewolf Confirmed

The video released by Quinn_Evans on social media two weeks ago depicting a previously unidentified girl has been confirmed unedited. This week a source that wishes to remain anonymous confirmed that the girl in the video is Charlotte “Charlie” Gray, a student at West Oak University.

“I saw her at a party that night. When she left she was clearly upset, drunk, and high. Everyone knows she’s a partier and hangs with the wrong crowd. I’m not sure what she took, but I’ve never heard of turning into a wolf being a side effect of any drug,” Emily Duncan, a student at West Oak University, said when asked about Gray.

Several other students have confirmed her identity when showed the video, including Charles Thompson and Angela DeLuca.

“I know her from the party scene. She’s harmless. She’s always high on Unicorn Dust and chasing after any guy who pays her the smallest bit of attention,” said DeLuca.

Thompson agrees. “She’s at every party on campus. She’s gained quite the [Read More]


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