Chapter 1 of Treasured: A WIP Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 you can do so here. This is the first chapter of a fiction novel I am writing currently. It is the first draft but it is one of the rare times a first draft is worth sharing. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to comment what you think and any feedback you may have; all comments are welcome!

Chapter 1 of Treasured: Part 2

POV: Camilla Peterson

Audric’s eyebrows raised and an interested expression graced his face. His eyes were guarded. “Really? That’s fascinating.”

I knew why those graves were empty. But I wasn’t going to say a word. I didn’t want to die. That would let this town win.

I turned my back on the conversation, but continued to listen. Jeb was walking on dangerous territory here. If he wasn’t careful he would end up like the girl I had seen with Audric.

“Yeah. Probably washed away with the swell of the river. But it’s sure fuelin’ some conspiracy theories around here. People are talkin’ risin’ from the dead and immortals and other crazy talk.”

I stiffened. Please don’t say it, Jeb. Don’t say it.

I could hear the chair squeak and Jeb’s conspiratorial stage whisper. “Some are talkin’ about the most famous immortal creatures in all of literature. Vam—”

I dropped a drink glass on purpose, the loud noise of glass shattering cutting off what Jeb was about to say. I wasn’t about to get him killed.

I swore, stepping over the glass to grab the dustpan and broom. Dropping glasses and breaking things was normal for me. I was clumsier than a foal attempting to walk for the first time.

“Sorry, Jeb. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” I said, avoiding the men’s eyes.

Jeb laughed, patted Audric on the arm, and said, “That’s Cam for ya. Clumsier than an elephant in heels, that one is.” My cheeks went pink but the change in topic was welcome. Maybe Jeb wouldn’t get killed by this monster.

As I swept the glass into the dustpan I was careful not to cut myself. I didn’t know how Audric would react and I didn’t really want to be on the receiving end of the sight I saw back at that party.

I felt the burning of Audric’s eyes on my backside as I bent over the trashcan. He was a ladies man at college.

“She may be clumsy but she’s quite the catch. Smart as a whip. She’s educated at Stanford. Just graduated last May. Moved back here about a month ago. Don’t know why she turned down all the job offers she received out there to come slummin’ it here where they treat her like a rotten apple. But I’m glad to have her back. She’s like my own, she is.”

“That’s enough, Jeb. I don’t need you to go around spreading my business to strangers.” My cheeks were burning now.

“Aw, c’mon, Cam. I’m just tryin’ to get you a man. You’re much too lonely. Besides, Audric here’s easy on the eyes.” I whirled around and fixed an angry glare at Jeb. Those disconcerting eyes were fixed on me.

“You don’t know him.” I said, crossing my arms.

“And neither do you. He could be your match, but ya won’t give him half a chance. Ya don’t give anyone a half chance. You don’t want to end up old and alone like me, do ya?” Old Jeb fixed matched my glare.

I sighed. Point taken. I uncrossed my arms and looked at the clock. My shift would be over in five minutes. The next bartender, Mike, was always early. He would be here any minute and I would be out of here and away from Jeb’s crazy ideas about setting me up with a man and the stare of a monster. He had learned entirely too much about me already.

It seemed he missed the Stanford comment. Either that, or he had figured out that I had seen his little secret. I might be dead tomorrow for Jeb’s little comment. Better me than him.

“C’mon, Jeb. You know I’m comfortable on my own. And it’s really none of your business anyway.” I saw Mike walk in and gave him a wave. “And that’s my cue to go. Enjoy your drinks, gentlemen.” I walked out from behind the bar to the door leading to the lockers. I grabbed my jacket, wallet, and keys in a hurry to get out and away from those eyes.

I walked out the front door without glancing at the bar. I paused and took a deep breath of the chilled air. The cold was invigorating and cleared my head.

“Stanford, huh?” My heart constricted from the sound of that velvet baritone. Whether it was from fear or attraction, I couldn’t tell. I turned and mustered my best glare at the gorgeous creature in front of me. He may be gorgeous, but that doesn’t change what he is. Remember that.


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