West Oak, OR Catch Up: Part 1

Hey all! Here is the first installment of the West Oak, OR blog posts that I need to catch up on posting.

Today’s Post is the town’s newspaper’s, Oak Times, first article. The characters respond to the newspaper’s articles. You can find the full article here.

Strange, Potentially Dangerous Creature Spotted Near West Oak University Campus

A disturbing video of a potentially dangerous creature is making its way around West Oak and calling into question the safety of the campus and surrounding areas.

The video, uploaded by user Quinn_Evans, shows what seems to be a young female transforming into a large, canine-like creature in the woods near the campus. Originally thought to be a hoax, the video was sent to local law enforcement for identification of any local wildlife that may match the later transformation and ease the minds of worried students and locals alike. Officer Dan Packman said that he was set to reassure the public that there was nothing alarming or any more dangerous than the usual local wildlife.

“At first, I thought it wasn’t anything,” Packman told The Oak Times upon showing our reporters the video. “I figured one of our more talented graphic design or film students had caught footage of one of the local wolves and spliced something together with their friends.”

Upon further investigation, the video proved to be too seamless and too consistent to brush off.

“It gave me a chill when I couldn’t find some glaring stitch,” he said. “I decided to go ahead and pass it over to our video forensics team.”

After twenty-four hours, the video forensics team came back with the same, chilling findings; the video, showing the young woman making a disturbing transition from human to canine, appears to be real beyond any reasonable doubt.

The Oak Times have not been able to verify the identity of the individual in the video and West Oak Police have not released any statements citing the identity of either the subject or the video’s poster, Quinn_Evans. West Oak University declined to confirm any [Read More]


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