A Special Look at What’s Coming

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t post every day, and posting on a Thursday is rare now, but I wanted to give you guys a look at what is coming over the next two weeks because I am excited to share them with you, and I can’t keep it to myself!

The next three posts (July 6th, July 10th, and July 13th) will be Chapter 1 of the WIP I am currently obsessed with.

It is a book called Treasured, and I had the idea for it on a mental health day where I unplugged from the internet for a day and just hid under the covers making up stories in my head with the lights off and my head under the blanket.

As you may know, I am more of a fantasy writer when it comes to longer projects.  Maybe it’s just a phase I am going through right now. I’m not sure. Either way, I tend to get pretty intensely obsessed with the projects I work on. It’s borderline unhealthy.

The novel I finished last month was 61,000 words long and I was so obsessed with it that I knew I didn’t have the distance to edit it. Plus, I was told by the family that I was too obsessed with it and that I should take a break before I dive into editing it.

So now, I have Treasured to obsess over before I dive back into editing the last project. I will write and edit at the same time.

The parts of Treasured I will share over the next three posts will be the first draft. Why am I sharing the first draft of Chapter 1? Because it’s one of the rare times a first draft is worth sharing. It’s that good.

I will also share Chapter 2, which is from the other main character’s point of view. I’m not sure when I will share them, but based on the response and comments and reads of the first chapter (the next three blog posts) it could come faster or slower.

I only have the first two chapters written. I will not share anymore unless I feel there is something more to share. I will not share the entire novel on here. I wasn’t sure where to take the story after the second chapter and because of that, I have been focusing on Character Creation.

I am excited about these new things to be shared with you and I am excited to have a new project I am so passionate about.

Feel free to comment whatever came to mind as you read these chapters. I enjoy all the feedback I have been getting and I encourage you to send me more. I may not respond right away since I don’t get on here every day now, but I will respond eventually since I have it set up so I manually approve every comment.

I am excited and I can’t wait to share this work with you. So far the feedback from my writing friends has been great and I feel confident enough to share with you. Even if you hate it, tell me. But tell me why, so I can improve it for next time.

If you guys like these chapter posts let me know so I can do more in the future. I may not always post the beginning chapters or in order, but I will do my best to share good quality work with you.

Thanks for being my best supporters! I truly appreciate you guys!

P.S. The chapters will be posted under the “Writing: Works In Progress” category.



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