Pulling Out of a Funk

So two days ago I realized that I was in a funk. Oddly enough, this was also the day of the Strawberry Moon, a full moon that is red in color that let ancient hunter-gatherers know that the berries were ready to be harvested. I’m not sure how much I believe that the moon influences our psyches but I’d be interested to hear your opinion.

This funk was what I like to call the fatalistic thinking rabbit hole. I was looking ahead at how long it would take to get my degree at the rate I am going (more than 4 years, if I go non-stop without breaks), how hopeless getting on disability seems, and how daunting editing my novel seems. Every single major project or part of my life at the moment seemed overwhelming and hopeless.

I knew I had to get out of this funk. And something I have learned about myself in the past couple of months is that the best way for me to feel better when I feel depressed is to do something productive. But I didn’t feel like writing so instead I decided to get a lot of schoolwork done.

You see, this term ends Sunday and the new term starts Monday. I am in the last week of class right now which means a paper reflecting on what I learned and catching up on every piece of work I didn’t do. I read two articles, posted my discussion post, replied to two classmates’ posts, and read and brainstormed what I could talk about in the reflection paper.

I felt so good after finishing all of this schoolwork that I completed my goal of writing for 30 minutes immediately after. I hadn’t felt like writing but I was on a motivation high because of getting something done.

Sometimes the best thing for me to get out of depression is to stop thinking and do something. This doesn’t work for everyone. What helps you get out of depression or the fatalistic thinking rabbit hole?


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