Change In Posting Schedule

Hello everyone! This is more of an announcement post.


I have found that posting every day, even though I schedule a lot in advance, is too draining for me. So I am going to go down to two posts a week for sure with extra posts every now and then as I feel I can. You can start seeing my posts every Tuesday and Friday at 1 p.m.


I am making this decision because of my mental health and well being and getting my priorities straight in regards to what I want to spend my time doing. And that is to write my novels.

Writing for this blog every day has become tedious and a drain on my creative energy. Coming up with ideas has become harder and harder and I feel like it isn’t worth the trouble.

I appreciate all of the followers I have gained in the past couple months of writing every day, but I can’t keep up this pace. Not with school and other time constraints and obligations. Plus, my mental health can’t take it.

I appreciate your understanding and I hope you can adjust to this new posting schedule. Thanks for reading my blog, as always.



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