Being a Hermit

For the past couple months, since I quit my job back in February and after going to Ohio in March, I have become somewhat of a hermit. I stay inside all day, am online most of the time, and eat every other time. I talk to my friends online, which feels safe and comfortable for me.

But today my Grandma confronted me. She said I need to get out of the house more and get some human interaction. She suggested volunteering at the library but I was worried because that is a lot like a job and the last time I had a job where I had to be out of the house several times a week I almost ended up in the hospital. In fact, that has happened every single time I have had a job.

I felt nervous because of this fact and the way it seemed she wanted me to jump in with both feet. But with the months of being a hermit, I ended up contracting a bad case of anxiety just being in front of windows. Being outside has seemed almost impossible, much less leaving the house and interacting with other people.

So I researched things to do near where I live and I found a writer’s group just down the street and another one a bit of a drive away. I figured since they meet once monthly I could ease my way into interacting since I haven’t really interacted with anyone other than my Grandma and Uncle in the past two months.

I sent out inquiry emails and hope to hear back soon. We shall see. I will keep you updated.


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