Writing Advice: Tips for Finding the Time to Write

I thought I would start a series called writing advice which would be a compilation of different writing advice I have found over the course of my life. This part will be about finding the time to write. This will be based on tips from a talk by Cindy Meyers.

What Are the Benefits of Writing Faster?

  • You can write more books per year
  • You can create a following/audience for your writing
  • When you release a new book, sales for your old books increase
  • You have more time to devote to hobbies and other interests
  • You can work on all kinds of projects and aren’t confined to a single book or genre for a lot of time.
  • You improve your craft
  • You aren’t working on the same project for years on end and keep having to read back over earlier parts in the book to remember what happened. It will be fresh in your mind because there’s a shorter time frame between when you wrote it and where you are at now.
  • Your subconscious takes over a little more which can lead to great story surprises and more original scenes and plot lines.

How to Find More Time to Write

  • Schedule your writing time. Write it down on a calendar to keep yourself accountable. Tell your family not to bother you when it is your writing time.
  • Treat your writing time like you would a diet or a budget. Make it just as important for your life and schedule it with this importance in mind.
  • Eliminate time wasters.
    • For a week, write down how you spend your time. Don’t judge, but take notes. For example, I spent three hours on facebook the other day instead of writing. That could count as a time waster.
    • Evaluate the activities as time wasters or essential. Then eliminate the wasters. You don’t have to completely excise them from your life, just make sure they don’t interfere with your writing time.
  • Learn to say “no” to activities and causes that would take time away from writing. You can’t do everything.
    • Choose one cause that is most important to you and eliminate all other causes.
  • Whittle down your obligations
  • Learn to delegate and ask for help with tasks when you need time to write.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Use commuting time, waiting time, and lunch hours to write. keep a notebook or tablet with you so you can write. You don’t need a lot of time to get into the story.
  • Write whenever you get time.

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