Start Writing Fiction: Characters and Conflicts by T.L. Hicks

Here is another part to my friend and editor on Coffee House Writers’ series Start Writing Fiction. As always, you can find the entire article here or at the end of the excerpt! Enjoy!

Start Writing Fiction: Characters and Conflicts by T.L. Hicks

Welcome to the fifth installment of the Start Writing Fiction series. In previous articles, we have looked at what fiction is and how we can get started. We learned how to develop a habit of writing. We now know the never-ending work of editing and revisions. And last, but not least, how we can build a story. Now we will learn how our characters are the driving force of our plots. Without them, the plot lies dead in the water. This week we will look at characters and conflict and how they help with furthering your plot.

“Character is plot; plot is character.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.


You may have a plot idea in your head, but you need to get to know your characters and how they will drive the plot.  One way of doing so is getting to know your characters pretty much how you get to know someone in real life.

You need not invite your characters to dinner and a movie. All you do is fill out a chart. The chart will guide you in bringing your characters to life. The worksheets will allow them to become relatable to the reader. Visit your journal and apply one (or more) of the following character profiles.


Now you have brought your characters to life; it is now time to give them a dilemma or a battle. Creating such actions helps center the characters and drives the plot forward.

When creating your characters’ hurdles, [Read More]


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