Start Writing Fiction: Editing and Revision by T.L. Hicks

This is the third installment of T.L. Hick’s Start Writing Fiction Series on Coffee House Writers. You can find the full article here.

Start Writing Fiction: Editing and Revision by T.L. Hicks

Now you know what fiction is and how to get into the habit of writing, we will now look at the agony of the all-important editing process and revision. There are two things you need to remember when dealing with the editing and revision process. That is you will need to do it more than once and not go at it alone.

First Draft

Your first draft will, and should be, messy. Your first draft is a way to get your story out of your head and onto paper, or the computer screen. Your first draft will have punctuation issues and misspellings, and that is all right.


Reading over your story, rewriting, and editing is essential. One thing you need to remember, it is a never-ending process, or it feels like it is. Ideas will pop into your head that will cause you to change your character, scene, or event. And you know what? That is okay, let it happen.

Before you review your story yourself, take time away. Save it on a hard drive, thumb drive or hide it in your desk. Take a mini-vacation from the story. You can work on another story, catch up on your reading, and spend time with your family.
Once you have taken your time away, take your story from its hiding place and read. While reading your story, take notes. The notes will help you when you rewrite your story, and yes you will revise your story.

 When reviewing ask your self [Read More]


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