Start Writing Fiction: What is Fiction and How to Get Started by T.L. Hicks

I thought I would share my friend’s series on fiction writing. She is one of the most compassionate people I know. She is also a writer and editor for Coffee House Writers and wrote a series called Start Writing Fiction. I hope you enjoy her writing and find her tips as useful as I do! You can read the whole article here.

Start Writing Fiction: What is Fiction and How to Get Started by T.L. Hicks

“Leaves crackling and sticks breaking awakens little Kassandra. Her small eyes flutter open to a canopy of bony branches reaching out for each other. Between the long finger branches, the moon and stars fight the dark clouds from consuming their light. Beneath her small body. The coldness of the moist dirt floor seeps through her beige nightgown, through her flesh, and into the marrow of her bones.” – Excerpt from Hell’s Half Acre by T.L. Hicks.

What is fiction

What is fiction

Fiction is a form of literary prose we see in short stories and novels. Fiction uses imaginary events and people to tell a story or convey a message. To create fiction, you can use your

  • Experiences (including reading and watching television or movies)
  • Memories
  • Personal history
  • Feelings
  • Desires (secret or non-secret)
  • Language
  • Imagination
  • Observations
  • Ideas
  • Research
  • Interests

What can you use

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