How Being Honest About My Depression and Living Situation Helped Me With School

Starting Thursday, May 10th I fell into a bout of depression. I was sleeping in because my sleep schedule had been messed up and I was giving myself a lot of breaks on doing homework and being productive throughout the day. I was sleeping past noon, watching movies until nine, going to bed and repeating the process over.

Then Monday came along and I had a realization. I had forgotten to turn in an assignment due the day before.

I went into panic mode. But I stopped myself. This was starting out as a really shitty day but I could always turn it around with a positive attitude geared toward fixing the problem.

I got a burst of motivation and at the suggestion of a friend I emailed my professor. I stated that I had just gotten depressed for a couple of days and that it was a bit out of character for me. I asked if I could have an extension. I only needed an hour or two more to complete my assignments a day late. I also explained the hurricane damage to our house and how the roof is still leaking and it is a depressing, stressful environment to be living in. I started a plan to get back on track and mentioned the plan in my email.

To my relief, the professor was gracious enough to grant me the extension and the next day I found out I got 100 percent on the assignment. The next day I also started doing some self-care things I hadn’t done while depressed and felt much better.

I am sticking to the plan to catch up and have to read 20 pages of the textbook a day in order to stick to the timeline. But it is worth it.

By being honest about my mental health and living situation and creating a plan to fix the problem, I made my professor empathize and work with me, which ultimately helped myself.


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