Story Ideas In Dreams

Sometimes the best story ideas come in dreams. They may be just a scene or a whole plot. I have had both happen to me, in just a few short months.

The plot was for a fantasy book about dragons. I don’t really read too much about dragons so I will need to read some books and watch some movies to get ideas. Any suggestions? I have heard of the Eragon series for books and the Dragon Heart series for movies (and maybe books, I’m not sure) but I am looking for more.

The second idea was just a scene. It happened in a dream a couple of nights ago. Basically, how the scene was set up in my dream was the fact that I was in an English Class and we were assigned a creative writing assignment. We could either write from a prompt or free write, but it had to be ten minutes of non-stop writing of a scene. When the timer started, I was thrown into the scene which constitutes my story idea as if in a movie. I will not go into detail here because I am still trying to sort out the details and I think this story has lots of potential for a novel. But after the scene was done I returned to the classroom right as the ten-minute timer went off. I was chosen to read aloud my story to the class and it was “novel ready” which is totally unrealistic for a ten minute timed prompt, but hey, if my brain wants to dream of being a great writer, who am I to say no? Especially in REM sleep when I have no control whatsoever about what I am dreaming and where the dream is going. This scene idea was sort of a mix between The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, certain aspects of Twilight (not including the whole vampire/werewolf thing), and Lord of the Rings. A very interesting mix in one scene and something I am excited to flesh out.


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