Where I Am and Where I Want To Be: Writing

If you didn’t see it, I posted a list of all of my writing projects. You can find it here. I want to make specific goals as to where I want to be in a year or so and share them with you. Feel free to use this post as a template for your own goals. This will be a two-part series where each post will be about 1,000 words long. This post is a little less than 1,450 words.

I want to focus on five different projects: my novels, the West Oak, OR character blog, and this blog, Coffee House Writers, and Functionally Fictional. I will list my goals, where I am at now, and what I am doing in order to get to the goal. Finally, I will list my overall goals for my writing as it relates to my life.

1. Writing My Novels

Goals: I want to be writing at least 500 words a day. I want to write every day. I want to have at least one of my novels finished and under editing, if not self-published.

Where I’m At: I am writing intermittently at best on my novels. I do not write every day. When I do write I am writing anywhere from 200 words on a bad day to upwards of 2,000 words on a great day. A good day is anywhere from 500 to 1,500 words.

What I’m Doing: Lots of things. I am listening to a writing podcast every morning to get myself pumped up for writing. I have made a schedule that includes hours of writing time with breaks and time to focus on my different writing projects. For my novel, I have 90 minutes every day carved out. I am reading books on the craft of writing. I am lighting a candle when it is time to write to classically train my brain to write when I smell that scent.

2. West Oak, OR Character Blog

Goals: I want to be posting at least two posts every week. I want to be making some extra cash from it. I want to continue with it for the whole year, from now until then. I want to have fun doing it. I want it to be well organized and come together nicely. I want it to be launched within the next month.

Where I’m At: We are in the planning stages of everything. Some of the Writer Bios and Character Bios are already posted on the website.

What I’m Doing: I am helping to schedule video meetings where we decide things like everyone’s roles and how the money is going to work. I am already writing my blog posts and editing them. I am posting regularly and talking with them every day on Facebook. I am helping plan the launch and keeping a fire under everyone’s butts to keep them motivated and moving towards getting this thing up and online. I created a schedule with time to work on this project and other writing projects.

3. This Blog

Goals: I want to have two different blogs, one for mental health and one for my authorship if possible. I want to have at least 150 followers (I have 38 now). I want to give people more content focused on writing and dealing with mental health issues. I want to give my readers more useful information rather than a lot of pointless stories about what is going on in my life right now. I want to be making more than 2 cents every month from advertisements. I want to continue to post every day. I want to make better content that gets more views. I want to get more than 100 views each month. I want to revise the posts so I don’t have any typos or missing words and so I post only my best work.

Where I’m At: I am posting every day by scheduling posts. This is really helping me keep a consistent schedule. I am making about 1or 2 cents every time month from views. I am increasing my views every month, but it isn’t much more than 100 per month. I do not have the means to have two blogs. I am kind of all over the place with my posts and often don’t plan the topics I am going to write about until I sit down at the computer. I don’t revise the posts after I write them.

What I’m Doing: I am planning on focusing my blog into two categories: writing about writing and mental health. I am brainstorming ideas for posts with friends and picking the best ones to write about. I am posting every day and planning new directions for my blog based on the posts that get the most views and likes. I created a Facebook Page and Twitter account as my author persona to get more views and such for my blog.

4. Coffee House Writers

Goals: I want to stay with them for as long as possible, writing bi-weekly, and continuing to forge friendships with these amazing people. I want to win the gift card for the post with the most views at least once. I want to be in my editor’s “Top Writer” list at least once.

Where I’m At: I am writing bi-weekly but the most number of views I have gotten is 16. I need to write about more emotional and controversial topics in order to get my views up. Last month the top number of views was over 700.

What I’m Doing: I am planning more emotional and transparent posts about tough topics in my life. I am continuing to improve myself as a writer. I am trying to remember all of the stuff I have to do for my posts so I don’t have to keep being reminded of the same things over and over from my editor.

5. Functionally Fictional

Goals: I want to stay with this group of readers for as long as possible. I want to write at least one book review monthly for it.

Where I’m At: I am meeting all of my goals for this part so far. I just have to keep up with writing the posts each month.

What I’m Doing: Posting at least once monthly and contributing to the Facebook chat.

6. My Writing Life In General

Goals: I want to be able to support myself and be financially independent just from my writing. I want to have an actual paid job as a writer or editor. I want to be saving enough money to start paying off my school debt when I get to that point. I want to be enjoying college and my degree in Creative Writing. I want to be able to share more personal things and increase my viewership online. I want to have a loyal reader base for my blogs and novels. I want to continue to improve my writing and other skills. I want to continue to be a voracious reader about writing and the craft of writing. I want to write every day.

Where I’m At: I am sort of writing every day, but not on all of the projects I would like (although that might be impossible with everything I am working on). I am nowhere near close to supporting myself or being financially independent. I am making a few bucks being a self-employed freelance editor, but I only have one client. I do not have a paid job as a writer or editor that is a reliable source of income. I am going to school for creative writing. I am working towards sharing more personal things. I am not making enough money to be able to save any. I have a small reader base, but I want it to grow.

What I’m Doing: I will continue to post every day for as long as possible and am learning how to monetize my sites more. I am taking a proofreading and editing course at school to improve my skills and make me a more marketable editor and proofreader. I am learning AP style guidelines towards this end as well. I am actively applying to different jobs for writing content remotely. I have created a Linkedin Profile and updated my resume to make it more appealing. I have created a schedule to write a little every day on some of my most pressing projects. I am going to publish more personal pieces on Coffee House Writers. I am reading a little bit every day for different things: advice on blogging; advice on the craft of writing; neuroscience as it pertains to writing; fiction rules and workbooks; reading writing programs and methods; and using writing resources and worksheets for setting goals and improving the craft.


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