Here is a very short piece I wrote called relativity. Comment with your thoughts.


The sand flows one grain over another as the kid shapes the flowing mass into a mound. A mound that in his mind is a regal castle, worthy of the best friends he also gives residence to in the cavity in his head.

Attackers in the form of plastic army men storm the castle, but just in time, the Hand of God reaches down to bury them forever in the forgotten abyss of the sandy world he rules. Sure, there is some damage; if there was no cost to the price of victory then life wouldn’t be very interesting.

Here, in the square wood frame holding a piece of a beach in the middle of a backyard in the city, he is God. He controls this world. He decides who lives and who perishes and disappears forever under the sand, only to occasionally be resurrected to a new life, a new purpose, a new game. Here is his domain where he has all the power.

But alas, he must return to the world where he holds little to none of the precious commodity; Mother calls bearing grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. He leaves his domain, and the once glorious castle in his eyes is now what it appears to be to others; a mound of sand.

But the mound of sand is made up of millions of grains of sand, and each grain of sand could be a world of its own. If you look close enough you may find another boy, residing on the grain of sand, in his domain of a sandbox. Maybe he realizes he is part of a multitude of universes, each bigger than the last. Maybe not. But the real question is; if we are but a grain of sand in a sandbox is that sandbox just another grain of sand to someone or something else?


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