Job Search Update

As many of you know I quit my retail job as a cashier back at the end of February due to mental health reasons. I have been looking for a job I would enjoy and have been applying to remote, completely online writer jobs since the middle of March.

I hadn’t heard back from anyone until about two weeks ago on April 8th, but I didn’t realize they had emailed me until last Thursday, April 19th due to the need to clear out my inbox.

I had applied for an SEO Article writing job and had passed the grammar, usage, and punctuation test. The next part of the hiring process was to submit an article for review. I had and forgotten about it. Then I received an email saying I had passed that phase and they wanted a second article from me. So I gave it to them 11 days later. I emailed them and apologized for the delay, but they are still hiring so it doesn’t matter much. I am now waiting to see if they liked that article and if I will move on in the hiring process.

Also on April 19th, I received an email from another job I had applied to. I applied for a website where the buyer gives you a blog topic and if they like it they buy it from you. Several people can send articles to the same buyer for the same topic. I had previously passed their plagiarism, grammar, usage and punctuation tests and was invited to submit an article for review. So I did. I got an email saying that they would get back to me in 7-10 days.

And lastly, I received an email from a freelance writing job I had applied to months ago. It was a personal email from a recruiter saying they had already hired a few writers but she personally liked my resume and invited me to keep in touch in case more opportunities came up, This also happened on April 19th.

I’ve been hit with a lot of crappy stuff over the past couple years, but things are finally starting to fall into place. My work with Coffee House Writers, Functionally Fictional, this blog, and starting my own freelance editing business have all given me 4 months of experience that is applicable to the types of jobs I am applying to.

Honestly, I was expecting to get a writing job years from now when I got a degree. But things have started to fall into place with me, and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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