Shuffling of Focus

Has anyone else ever shuffled their focus around? For example, some things that I focused on a year ago are no longer important to me. Such as the school’s club websites. I rarely go to the club meetings anymore. Other things have overtaken my focus and time.

Or with music, I listen to new artists and old artists that I haven’t been paying much attention to as of late. I used to listen to mostly Pentatonix music. Now they have taken a back seat to MIKA and Marina and the Diamonds.

I find that this happens every couple of months with some things staying static. Facebook, my writing, and my email accounts are all static, everyday things that capture my attention.

But I also have a lot of things that I bookmark in my browser that I plan to read later but end up never getting around to. It drives me insane because I add more and more things to the list, but I have no motivation to go through them and check them off.

It’s an interesting dynamic between the things I plan on reading and the things I actually read. I have to read them right away if I’m going to read them at all, except for print books. Those I go through and read a lot of the old ones I never got around to. I just started reading The Happiness Project even though I’ve had it for months. And I’ve started and stopped The Secret Lives of the Tsars too many times to count.

I spend too much time on my writing and reading in the genres that I enjoy most (fiction) to have much time to dedicate to less enjoyable genres. And by less enjoyable, I mean the ones that make me think or work to understand what they are trying to say. I am a deep thinker enough for myself. I need an escape not more food for thought.

But even within the static things that hold my attention, I focus on different subgenres in those. For example, with writing I switch my attention from novel to novel, from novels to this blog, from blog to character blog, depending on my mood and attention span. On Facebook, I focus on certain groups more or less depending on my mood, and they change from month to month.



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