My Thoughts on the Intro to Marketing Class I Took at SNHU

I just started Week 7 out of 8 in the Intro to Marketing class. So although I may not be finished I have come to some conclusions about Marketing.

It is heavily based on psychology. 

From identifying the target market for your product to marketing strategies to ways to reach your target market, everything has to do with how people think and what encourages them to buy the product.

It also has to do with analyzing data and drawing conclusions from the data.

This is something I’m not sure I could put into practice in the real world. To me, the conclusions from the data seem so arbitrary and contrived under some circumstances that it’s hard for me to follow the logic. The basic math skills are blessedly easy, though.

It is all about hacking the brain.

this goes along with the psychology point. This is something that seems duplicitous to me. The fact that someone else can put some images and videos on a screen and catch my attention and make my brain go “you NEED to buy this RIGHT NOW, no matter the cost” is pretty scary to think about. That is a lot of power and I’m nervous that a lot of people misuse it. Marketing towards kids during Saturday morning cartoons, or on apps for kids can be a very fine line. I think that is too much power, honestly.

I would feel very uncomfortable doing this for a living.

Yes, I am a writer and I have to do a certain amount of marketing for myself, but I have found that I often feel pushy or manipulative when I am employing marketing tactics. Maybe it is my easy-going attitude or my hyper self-awareness, but I can’t feel comfortable “selling” or “up-selling” something to people, even if it is my own writing. That may also be my experience in retail selling company loyalty and credit cards speaking.  That was not a pleasant experience. Manipulative and pushy were the only words adequate to describe those feelings.

But I definitely learned a lot of useful information.

For example, I now know a lot of tactics marketers use and can be more aware when they hack my brain. I can also figure out ways to counter this brain activity and NOT BUY whatever it is my brain is telling me I need. I also learned a lot that could help me identify target audiences for my writing and marketing strategies for that and my character blogs, although I don’t want it to be too manipulative or pushy.

Overall, it was an enlightening experience.


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