A List of All My Writing Projects

I thought I would give you guys (and myself) a list of all of my writing projects happening right now. They fall into four categories: Novels, Blogs (that I run or am contributing to), Schoolwork, and Editing Projects. I have my plate full if you can’t tell. The grand total is 12 projects.


  1. A werewolf novel that I mentioned in the post A Sneak Peek of My Work In Progress  (also my Camp NaNoWriMo Project, 500+ words a day)
  2. A different werewolf novel (on the back burner, but still actively working on it, maybe 100+ words a week)
  3. A time-travel romance novel (500+ words a week)
  4. A contemporary romance novel (500+ words a week)


  1. This Blog (daily posts)
  2. Character Blog #1 (planning stages)
  3. Character Blog #2 (planning stages)
  4. Functionally Fictional (monthly + posts)
  5. Coffee House Writers (bi-weekly posts)


  1. A Marketing class with a PowerPoint, a paper, and discussion posts and replies due each week

Editing Projects

  1. One of the old projects that I wrote in 10th grade
  2. APA papers for a client of my Freelance editing business


And that doesn’t even mention all of the books I’m reading, courses I am taking on Udemy and through published writers’ websites, blogs I am reading, and other daily stuff that I am doing. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed just listing them all out!

What are lists of your writing projects? What other things do you have to deal with not on the list?




7 thoughts on “A List of All My Writing Projects

  1. What courses do you take on udemy? I wanted to know.. and yes i have many posts. I have blogs, my writings, my music and Photography 🙂. It was good reading about your books. I am writing the one as well.. wip! 😄


      1. Oh that’s great! Do we have some for self publishing and frelance writing?! I never saw them! Oh I’ll check out soon! 😃😃 It’s been a while I took any course there..


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