Character Blog — In The Works

I have collaborated with a bunch of other writers to work on two different Urban Fantasy Character Blogs. I can’t wait for them to be up and running. We are in the planning stages in both right now, but it will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Just to clarify they are two separate blogs. I am trying to make the characters different in each but let’s just say it’s not my strong suit. Right now one is way more planned than the other so I will be uploading links when they are ready.

One is looking like it may be multiple blogs with one overarching storyline, but I am fighting against that for user convenience. I think it would be better as one website where you could find everything but it’s not looking that way. I’ll keep you updated.

I love this idea though, and I hope you all like what we have come up with. Most of us have some sort of supernatural characters but there are a few humans mixed in. We haven’t decided exactly on the setting for one but the other is moving along quite nicely. One of them has a name and the other doesn’t.

All I can hope is that I am not putting too much writing on my plate at this point. If I am I will have to cut back on the daily blog posts here or cut back on the Character Blogs. I want to see how the Character Blogs work first before I decide to cut back on them, so this blog may suffer and I am sorry in advance if that happens.

But writing on this blog every day, several novels, doing Camp NaNoWriMo, working on the character blogs, and going to school is a lot. I don’t want to overwhelm myself again like I did in March with all of my writing, a job, and school.

I will keep you updated with all of the developments going on as they happen.


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