My Top Ten Favorite A Capella Covers

I have loved a capella music since I was introduced to it in 2014. My favorite band is Pentatonix, but Home Free and VoicePlay are in my top favorites as well. I’m not a huge fan of the single-person doing all of the different parts, although it can be impressive. It just feels like they edited it a lot and it doesn’t feel as authentic.

So, without further adieu, here is my Top Ten Favorite A Capella Covers. Just a warning, there will be a lot of Pentatonix.

1. Imagine by Pentatonix

This song gives me the chills every time I listen to it. It is so simple, yet so beautiful and holds to the way John Lennon must have meant it to sound. The Music Video is stunning, too.

2. Elvira by Home Free and the Oak Ridge Boys

Sung with the original performers of the song, this song is upbeat and happy and has some impressive bass notes.

3. Grim Grinning Ghosts by VoicePlay

This Halloween classic is given new life by these talented singers. It has all of the Disney feels. The bass notes are pretty awesome in this one, too. The video is kind of creepy, though.

4. Cheerleader by Pentatonix

Adding their own flavor to this newer song originally by Omi, this song always makes me want to dance and sing along.

5. End of Time by Pentatonix

This song is beautiful how they arrange it. Originally by Beyonce, this rendition, in my opinion, is far better than the original.

6. Payphone by Pentatonix

Originally by Maroon 5, this song is added a new life by their arrangement. I love the background singing during the lines that start out “If happy ever after did exist…”

7. Problem by Pentatonix

Originally by Ariana Grande, Pentatonix strips it down to it’s core and adds their own signature sound to it,

8. House Party by Home Free

Originally by Sam Hunt, this cover is fun and simple, with some killer bass notes at the bridge. It’s not just bass, his voice can hit the notes of a subwoofer.

9. Your Love is My Drug by Pentatonix

Although short and from their time on The Sing-Off, this cover reimagines the whole song by Ke$ha and makes it a lot better than the original. Adding a melody to the opening verse could go either way, but I love it,

10. Don’t You (Forget About Me) by VoicePlay

This reimaging has a lot of discordant sounds, but for some reason, it works. Originally by Simple Minds, the reimagining here from their days on The Sing Off, makes me love it even more. The judges critique is valid though.

What are your favorite a capella covers? Do you agree with my list? Did I miss some of your favorites?


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