Why I Quit Work For My Mental Health

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Why I Quit Work For My Mental Health

I quit work without having another job lined up. I even left without giving two weeks notice. Why? Several reasons.

First of all, even though I had amazing co-workers, the job was physically and mentally demanding. Having to be nice to all sorts of people who are wealthy, snobby, and used to things being done their way while standing up for eight hours a day was too much for me;

Because it was so mentally and physically draining, I couldn’t work on schoolwork or writing on the days I worked. I was too tired and in pain to be of much use to anyone.

Plus, we didn’t get many breaks. I only got one 30 minute break, and that was only if my shift was above five hours. If it was less than five hours, there was no break. Not even a fifteen-minute one.

We were overworked and understaffed. Everyone was not pulling their share, and some of the co-workers were disrespectful to everyone else.


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