The Struggle to Post Something Every Day

I don’t know about you guys but when I made a commitment to post something every day on my blog (to myself) I never realized how hard it was going to be. Especially since I also have to find ideas for Functionally Fictional and Coffee House Writers too. I am running out of ideas fast.

It started out easy for about twelve days. On Monday, March 26th I got inspired and wrote that day and the next 5 days worth of blog posts and scheduled one a day. Then, around Thursday, March 29th I wrote another six blog posts and scheduled one a day for those as well.

But then I started to stagnate. And running out of ideas is not fun. I could always add more of my old short stories, but they don’t really fit in with the author brand of “romance writer” I am trying to portray. And every place I have looked has mentioned that keeping your author brand consistent is important, which I haven’t been doing a great job of.

I’m all over the place as a writer. But that sort of translates to my life, too. Mostly because I have interests all over the place. One of my main interests is writing. But that’s obvious. But I also have interests in science, music, psychology (which I guess would fall under science, but as one of my main scientific interests I supposed it could be its own category), movies, history, almost any genre of book excluding horror and psychological thrillers because those mess me up for several days, and learning random things and extraneous subjects in school. For example, I am taking a marketing course right now.

So it’s tough for me to create a consistent author brand and keep the ideas flowing to post every day. I suppose it’s kind of like a joy that has become a burden. But, as most of the great writers say: the more you write the more ideas you have.

At least I have three main focuses for my writing. Functionally Fictional is always book related. Here on this blog it is always about or related to my writing and my life. And Coffee House Writers is always about anything I want it to be (which usually means about one of the categories already mentioned: book-related, life-related, or writing-related.)

I think I need to branch out to my other interests more. For example, I could do a list of my top ten favorite oldie songs, or my top ten a cappella covers or originals. I guess I’ll work on those next, but again, it sort of defeats the purpose of my author brand.

But maybe my author brand could be eclectic in nature. It would certainly reflect my personality.

I’m also sorry I didn’t post one on the 7th. Sorry I dropped the ball, guys.

Tell me what you think. What is YOUR brand when you write on your blog? Can you describe it in a single word?


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