The Mystery of the Burning Bagel

There is a meme going around the internet of a match being held to a bagel. It says “Share in 30 seconds and receive the best news of your life”. I didn’t share it, but I had fun reading the comments.

Everyone was saying things like “Oh why not?” but the best ones were the comments that touted the life-changing news they got the next day after sharing the photo. It was pretty entertaining to read, but within the time frame for reading the comments my 30 seconds had passed. So I didn’t share it.

I usually don’t believe in those sorts of things. But the very next day I checked my email for the freelance editing business I started in January and had forgotten mostly about due to lots of different life circumstances and a lack of funds to keep advertising for it back in March.

I had an email from a prospective client.

The first thing my mind went to was the bagel. Why? I have no idea. But I had been looking for clients for months. I’m not even sure how this client found me. But they agreed to everything and we arranged a year-long arrangement if they are happy with my work.

My uncle was incredulous about the bagel. I think his exact comment was “So you’re not completely sure if you believe in God, a construct that has been around for thousands of years. Then some Joe Shmoe throws up a picture of a burning bagel and you sell your soul to it. Do you see the irony?”

So I decided I would share it with you guys. Comment the luck you get, if there is any. It’s a scientific experiment for me to figure out if it really is the bagel. And it doesn’t hurt to share a little luck with the world.

Burning Bagel


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