Thinking About Starting a Newsletter

How would you like to read a newsletter specifically listing books to help writers, give writing prompts, and other inspiration and motivational tricks and tips? Would you subscribe to a newsletter like this?

I have a name prepared for my newsletter, and I want to set up a website for it for discussion posts and stuff to share your writing, get critiques, share writing tips, have contests where you can win a copy of the book in the last newsletter and other such things.

But I don’t have a job, and that limits monetary means to get this started. Plus, I’m not sure I could handle a job right now with my mental health the way it is. It’s making it hard to function. Plus I have a lot of schoolwork to do that I am getting behind on. I just don’t have the money to create a website and pay the yearly fees right now. Plus, I need to pay the most expensive WordPress plan (the business plan) to get a plugin that will allow me to make the discussion boards.

So I am in a dilemma. If you guys would like to see a newsletter like this (it would be either bi-weekly or monthly) let me know in the comments. If you want to donate, let me know so I can create a page for that.


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