Looking Back at Past Writing Projects

First off: Happy Easter!

(This post has nothing to do with Easter).

I recently read an article that inspired me. It created a need in me to be a published author. This article was called “How You Can Make Money Writing Romance Novels“. This article mentioned that the author wrote novellas, not novels, which took away a preconceived notion in me that I had to publish a 50,000-word or more piece, or it wasn’t worth publishing at all. Not to mention the fact that I haven’t even written a 50,000-word novel yet.

The quickest path I could see to becoming a published author was to edit a finished past project.  So, without reading over the document of a 21,000-word novella I wrote in the 10th grade I sent it through email to four of my trusted friends for honest feedback. That was yesterday.

Today, with the need to be published abating a little, I had a clearer view of what I should do. So I decided to go through the novella myself. Boy, did I ever regret sending that out without reviewing it first. It was terrible.

The scenes were rushed, I had no sense of pacing, the dialogue was terrible, I used more exclamation points than I should in a lifetime, and the quality was not up to snuff. And that was only the first two pages. I was an innocent 10th grader when I wrote this, though. We all have to start somewhere right?

So I quickly emailed all of my friends with an email explaining my mistake and asking them to hold off reading until they receive a more edited version that would appear as I went through it, posted in a new document.

I told them they were welcome to read through the old version for a laugh or to see how far I’ve come as a writer but to please not hold it against me. This is something I never would have been able to do even a couple months ago. I guess I am learning not to take myself so seriously.

I still type under a blanket with my music blasting so no one can tell what I am writing. The people I am often blocking are the voices in my head. I’ve decided that instead of calling them the voices, I can call them my “inner critics”. Has a better sound to it, doesn’t it? But writing is a very personal experience and sharing it is hard for me.  I only want to share my best work.

A lot of people have given me the advice over the years that as long as the writing is of mediocre quality, easy to read, and has little to no content and grammatical errors  (content errors such as plot holes) then people will read it without too much harsh criticism.

For an aspiring self-published author like myself, this is good news. I don’t have to be perfect or even great. As long as the writing is mediocre and it’s a story some people enjoy (because you’re not trying to please everyone), people will read it. That’s so liberating to think about.

So now, I am continuing to edit some of my old novellas (2 of them are finished, so I am focusing on those) as well as my new projects. I hope I can give you guys my first published novella soon. Keep your eyes peeled!



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