A Solution to My Problems

So you all will hear more about the problems going on in my life in my next post from Coffee House Writers. I scheduled that post (my first scheduled post!) for the Tuesday after it publishes on the platform. The title is Looking for the Good: A Strategy to Deal with Stress.  I am hoping that my editor doesn’t change the permalink, so the post will flow smoothly. But we shall see how it goes. But I have found a few solutions to my problems that I wanted to share with you.

First of all, I am worried about getting a stable internet connection while down in Florida. I am going to school online and need a stable internet connection. Our house leaks water through the ceiling every time it rains and it affects the internet because the modem is in one of the worst rooms. So I figured out a solution to it: I will pack a backpack full of snacks, my laptop and phone, notebooks, pens, and charging cords and walk to the library.

The library is about two miles away and would be four-mile round trip. I would get my exercise, get out of the house, and get some sunshine. And that’s just in the walk over! I would be able to work on schoolwork, my stories, this blog, my articles for Functionally Fictional (FF) and Coffee House Writers (CHW), browse the internet, keep up with social media, and check my email. All of the things I normally do, but in a different space. It might be more productive there. Who knows? I’ve never really worked in a library before. But it’s something new to try.

I also can talk to my grandma about buying different curtains for the windows in the living room or construct a removable window covering made out of some sort of water-resistant material. That way, I can feel more comfortable sleeping in the living room and still enjoy the sunshine during the day. This is important since my room will be unlivable during the rainy season. And I won’t have to stress about my family in Ohio not being willing to house me until Grandma moves back here (I am currently in Ohio, hence the word choice of ‘here’). Grandma is on no set timeline which is why a lot of them have objections to letting me stay with them for the “time being”. This would eliminate a lot of my concerns.

It’s all about creative problem-solving. I tend to dive into rigid thinking and not consider all of the possibilities. This is what I have trusted friends for. My two best friends are good problem solvers and often see things a lot differently than I do. And often, their approach is a lot more realistic.

I need to start creating dedicated deadlines for my blog posts, CHW and FF articles, make dedicated days for writing, homework, and reading, and a dedicated day to life chores (laundry, cleaning, schedule planning, etc.). I think this will help increase my productivity instead of wasting so much time doing whatever I feel like doing. The method I use now usually results in a lot of wasting valuable time and waiting until the last minute to do something productive. It’s stressful. I want to stop it. So creating a new schedule and sticking to it will help.

I will continue to schedule posts and to explore this feature of blogs that I am just now figuring out how it could help me. Hopefully, this will keep my posts more regular for you guys!

Thanks again for all of your continued support despite the growing pains I am having. Figuring out how to create a successful blog and keep it going is hard work, but I will do my best to help you guys.

One last question:

  • Would you guys like to see a few guest posts? Would you like to be a guest poster? You can email me at hayleygreen.author@gmail.com if you are interested.

I am trying to make this an interactive experience. Let me know what you guys would like to see from this blog! Use the contact form on the Home Page or email me at hayleygreen.author@gmail.com to let me know and I will see what changes I can make. This is a learning process and although my curve might be slow I truly value your feedback!



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