Writing Update: What I Am Working On

Hello to all of my readers! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been busy with school, planning a trip to Ohio, battling the voices, getting a stable internet connection, helping friends with their problems, and dealing with the stress of my room turning into a lake every time it rains due to hurricane damage from Irma.

Plus, a friend of mine from Coffee House Writers has offered for me to join her team on her new website Functionally Fictional for everything book related. My first book review goes up this Thursday and the website was officially launched this Monday. It is a fun new project.

I am also working on at least five different novellas right now (I’m not sure if they will turn out to be the length of a novel yet so I’m going to call them novellas until otherwise proven). Two are paranormal young adult romances, one is a historical young adult romance, one is a realistic new adult romance, and the last is a time travel young adult romance. If you can’t tell, I love writing romances, especially¬†in the YA or New Adult genres. Beyond that, it’s a toss-up of what it’ll be about.

I just watched a great documentary for all of those aspiring romance writers out there called Love Between the Covers (meant as in covers of a book, but I’m sure it has a double meaning). It is on Netflix and is truly inspiring and helped me gain the confidence to admit that I write romance novels. I am kind of ashamed that I write them, especially since I grew up in a Christian cult where any sort of sexual innuendo was considered taboo. I still have difficulty writing anything rated PG-13 so that’s mostly why I write in the YA genres.

Now I have some questions for you:

  • Would you be interested in reading a YA or New Adult romance (if you read those genres) where the female protagonist was schizophrenic?
  • What about in the same genres but with a female protagonist had grown up in a culture where sex was taboo and must go on a journey to realize that her own sexuality was okay?

If you can’t tell I am on a bit of a kick where my life inspires the things I write. I was just wondering if there would be a market for this type of writing since I can’t seem to find much out there that addresses these topics. If you have found books that are like this please send me a message with the title and author so I can look them up for myself.

Thanks, as always, for your continued readership despite my infrequent updates.



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