I Need Your Input!

Hello everyone! If you can’t tell, I’ve been a little more active today revamping the blog and adding a homepage and more specified and organized categories. But I still need your input on what you would like to see on this blog!

Here are some of my questions followed by ideas for them:

  • Would you like to see more regular posts?
    • I publish posts on Coffee House Writers bi-weekly on Mondays. I could set up a post every other Tuesday with an excerpt and a link to the article I published after I published them.
    • I publish monthly book reviews now on Functionally Fictional (not sure if it will be a consistent week of every month) on Thursdays with other articles on books sprinkled in as I write them. I could post the book reviews and any other articles on the Friday after it was published here with an excerpt and a link.
    • I could publish a personal post every week on Saturdays.
  • As for the content you would like to see:
    • Would you like to see more excerpts from the novellas I am writing?
    • Would you like more information on what I am working on writing-wise? For example, genres, scenes I am working on, current word counts, whether I am stuck and which of the several projects I have made progress on?
    • Would you want me to alternate weeks where I talk about my writing and life events or musings?
    • Would you want to see more pictures?
    • Would you want to see more formatted posts like this?
    • Would you want to have contests for cover designs and fan art for the novellas I am working on (once there is enough of them written to warrant such things)?
    • What other kinds of content would you like to see?
  • User Interface (How the Blog Looks)
    • Do you like the new way I arranged my blog?
    • Would there be anything you would change or like to see (widgets, menus, etc.)
  • Social Media Presence
    • Would you like it if I created an Author Page on Facebook?
    • Would you follow me if I created an author twitter account?
    • Are there other social media outlets you would like to see my user interface on?

Thank you all for your input. You can either comment below or email me at hayleygreen.author@gmail.com with your suggestions. If you don’t like these ideas or have others, please let me know!



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