Time and Effort with Little Motivation

If you have read my last post about what happened last week, you may have noticed that I had feedback on an academic paper.

Well, over the past week I have decided that I need to re-write the paper, or at least get some more credible sources. The only problem? I have one week: until Sunday, February 25th at 11:59 EST to find credible sources, rewrite the paper, edit the paper, and turn in a polished product.

As many of you also know, I work in retail, and I get three days off a week, even though I work part-time. After work, I often don’t feel the motivation or energy to put in the time and effort to do some school work. I also don’t feel like doing homework before work because I only have anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours before I have to leave, and that doesn’t include time for getting ready, eating, and other activities that need to be done.

So that leaves me with three days a week to get stuff done. But again, on days off I am finding I don’t have the motivation to start working on school work. That is a major problem when I have less than a week to completely rework a paper.

I am feeling a little discouraged, if you can’t tell, and am honestly considering just editing what I have and accepting the inevitable point deductions. I have a B in that class, and will probably end up with a C but as they say, even C’s get degrees.

I have been exceptional at poor time management this semester. But at least I can learn from it, and do better next time. Especially with my next class, which is going to be tough. Intro to Marketing. But hopefully that will help me with marketing my novels (once they are written) and my freelance editing business.

Wish me luck! I’ll need it.


2 thoughts on “Time and Effort with Little Motivation

  1. Hey Hayley! I go to the school you do and I completely understand the lack of motivation. I started our current term with lots of motivation and should have had my paper written by probably week 4 with the roll I had been on but have I? Nope! I haven’t written a dang thing for this research paper. It’s not like I have a job like you and I still failed to manage my time and motivation. Try to find something to look forward such as the end of the term, graduation, a summer trip, anything that can help boost your motivation even a little bit. Good luck this week. I hope everything works out in your favor.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and encourage me! I have heard of reward systems or block scheduling methods so I am going to try those. I have trouble sticking to a schedule, though, so I am trying it on my phone where I can have a reminder with every buzz (I have it on vibrate). I almost always have my phone nearby so hopefully this will help. Good luck with your paper, too!


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