Shitty Week

I had one of the most shitty weeks I have had in a long time. Excuse my French.

It all started Monday. I had a lot of grumpy customers at work and my feet were in a lot of pain. Having to be nice and apologetic to grumpy customers while in a lot of pain is not easy. In fact, it is grueling. And that is only the first of things to happen on Monday.

Next, I found out that Grandma’s youngest sister died unexpectedly. So that adds to the emotional upheaval.

Finally, my card information was stolen at some point and they were not a smart criminal. They made a large purchase using my card. That just added to my stress.

Tuesday, I took a mental health day. I could have worked on homework and saved myself a lot of stress later in the week, but I didn’t. So that is making me upset with myself.

Wednesday I worked again, and it wasn’t as bad as Monday. In fact, compared to Monday it was a cakewalk.

Thursday is my day off, so I decided to work on homework. I opened up my online class to some harsh feedback from the professor and I just broke out in tears. I never cry, if I can help it, but all of the pent up emotions and stress just erupted into tears that wouldn’t stop. I didn’t due any homework like I had intended to.

Friday, I realized that I had some homework that had been due the night before. I had work though, and didn’t work on it. I was too tired after this week and I also had some pretty grumpy customers as well.

Today, I found out that by not doing the homework yesterday, I forfeited 55% of my timeliness points to 0%. So even though that is 10 less points, I still needed them. I need all the points I can get with this professor who is a harsh grader.

Not to mention that my voices have been worse since this week started. And some other things have been going on that I don’t think are appropriate to mention.

And that is my shitty week in a nutshell. Excuse my French. Again.

I hope you all are having a better week than I am!


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