Writing Internship Part 2

I got the interview scheduled for yesterday at 5:30 pm. The lady doing my interview was running quite late and I didn’t get the call until 6:45. I had major anxiety in between those two times because I hadn’t heard a word from anybody.

She asked me to tell her about my self and I stuck to the basics as it pertained to the writing internship. Basically, I said that I have been writing ever since I was little. It became an extension of playing pretend to me and I have been writing ever since. I have started a blog and have other achievements in writing.

She told me about the program which sounded great. I will be working with an editor to write bi-weekly with the chance of going weekly, by my choice. I don’t want to overwhelm myself and I want to test the waters a bit so I decided to write an article every other week rather than weekly.

They had a choice of three different platforms so I chose the one I was most familiar with. I don’t know the word counts for the other platforms. The hardest part about all of this will be coming up with ideas.

I will write under my pen name there, too. Hayley Green. I promised I would give the name of the site in my last post. You are reading the blog of the newest writing intern at Coffee House Writers. Look up coffeehousewriters.com for some of my newer content, or if you are looking for an internship yourself. It is unpaid, but she said the internship will last for however long I want to stay.

I am excited for this new opportunity that I have been given. I am also thankful that I will get experience in the publishing community. Even though it is not a traditional publisher I think it will be a great growing experience for me to learn and develop as a writer. It will also be an opportunity to make friends and connections, instead of being the lone writer that I usually am.

So, here’s to my new beginnings, which I am having a lot of lately. But I am thankful for every opportunity I am offered. And I am forging my own path and taking control of my life, which is one of the best decisions I have made.


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