New Beginnings

A lot has gone on this week. I have started to make headway on my goals and start forging my own path, looking for and creating new opportunities for myself.

First of all, if you have read my Writing Internship Part 1 and Writing Internship Part 2 blog posts, you know that I applied to and got an unpaid internship as a writer for Coffee House Writers. This internship is great because I get to write 300 word articles starting bi-weekly with the opportunity to go weekly. I will work with an editor to get them polished to perfection and then have them published on the CHW platform.

Secondly, I bought a treadmill this week to aid in my new year’s resolutions. I’ve been calorie counting for over a month now, and I have been over my calorie goal consistently, and haven’t been losing much weight. Although my weight gain may be due to medicine I am on, I am still determined to lose some, if possible. Exercising (which I don’t do very often) will increase the calories I am able to consume in a day. This may backfire, however, and make me want to eat more. We shall see.

Third, I started a freelance editing business. I don’t have any clients yet, but I am trying to get traffic on my website and Facebook page and it seems to be working. It’s only a matter of time. To learn more, read my post My Editing Service: $2 Per Page or go to my website If you want to submit a piece to me, email me at

Finally, I added hours to my work schedule. In weeks past I had too much free time on my hands to waste away on the internet doing nothing in particular. I would procrastinate on school work and would not feel productive. The idea I had (subconsciously to a point) was to fill up more of the free time so I would have less time to do nothing and would get the things done that needed to be done out of necessity. Working under pressure, so that I would kick the procrastination problem in the butt.

Unfortunately for me, I tend to cast my net wide in case things fall through, so when everything aligns and works, it leaves me with a lot less free time than planned. And a lot more adjustment to get used to in a shorter amount of time. I decided I needed to plan out my days to the hour, which leads to another New Beginning that I forgot to mention.

I am implementing an hourly planner to schedule out my day and what I will be doing hour by hour. I include rest time, such as reading, helping my friend with her freelance business, journaling,  writing for the internship, or blogging because those don’t feel like work and are actually quite refreshing. I include when to take my medicine, when to wake up, when to actually get up (because I like to wake up slowly), when to work out, when to do homework, and when I am scheduled to work. By planning out my day and sticking to it (not exactly, because things always change, but for the most part) I get the satisfaction of feeling and being productive, of getting the things done that need to be done, and a smoother transition to the dwindling amount of free time I have left.

This has been a week of changes. If I look back at where I was a year ago, I am amazed at how far I’ve come. So the exciting question is, how far will I be this time next year?



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