Manic Phases

For those of you who have bipolar, you know what I am talking about. That giddy, happy, productive phase where you can’t sleep and have the urge to get lots of things done. For those of you who don’t know, I will describe my last two manic phases to you.

The time before last was in January of 2017. It was January 20th through the 23rd.

I was on a bunch of different medication at this time, and on two mood stabilizers, so this shouldn’t have happened. It basically started out as not being able to sleep and being in an extremely good mood. Then, a couple hours into the night, I started feeling restless about needing to clean my room. So I got up at midnight and cleaned my room.

But that wasn’t enough. Now I was on a cleaning kick and I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and the dining room, sweeping and organizing as I went.

When my Grandpa got up (I was living with my other grandparents at the time) he wondered what I had been doing all night. Then he said that the living room, his study and downstairs could use some cleaning. So I cleaned the whole house, my car, Grandpa’s car and my parent’s car. I also cleaned several rooms in my parents’ house before I crashed three days later. If you’re wondering why it took 3 days, my family is not known as the most organized.

I’m not sure how much sleep I got, but it wasn’t much.

The last time was this January from the 19th to the 21st.

For some reason my manic phases always last three days, and are in January. Go figure.

With this one, I also cleaned like a mad woman but I also did a lot of productive writing on the novel I am working on, as well as school work. I got 10 hours of sleep total over those three days.

Overall, I love the productivity and good mood that manic phases have, but I would really rather be able to sleep instead.


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