My Editing Service: $2 Per Page

I started a new editing service and I thought I’d promote it here. It’s called Editing By Allison.

I will edit anything, for just $2 a page: that is a single-spaced page in Microsoft Word with 12 pt Times New Roman Font. That is just $0.004 per word! Less than half a cent!

Here’s my Facebook page:

I will edit anything for just $2 per page, with a $1 per page downpayment. You will receive half of the edits once they are done. Once I receive the second half of the payment I will send the rest of the edits. If you are not happy with an edit, I will offer you a free second edit on either the same project or a different project of equal or fewer pages. This is only offered to each client once.

I am willing to set up appointments with anyone who wants to discuss the edits I made. The platforms I am willing to use are Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger’s audio calling feature (no video, please), and email.

I will edit:

  • Fiction (my specialty)
  • Academic Papers (MLA or APA format, with comments on citations and formatting)
  • Blog Posts
  • Non-Fiction
  • Creative Non-Fiction and Personal Essays
  • Poetry
  • Any Other Writing You Need Edited

No project is too short or too long! As long as I approve the project, it will get edited.

Total charge is based on how many pages in Microsoft Word. Pages are considered to be a single spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font with 1 inch margins on all sides. Partial pages count as a single page. Each page is $2.00 for the editing service. Please pay in half in advance once I accept a project. Payments are through PayPal. You will receive half of the edits I do once they are done. The other half of your paper will be released when I receive the other half of the payment.

Email information on the project to Include your name, the number of pages, type of writing, a synopsis, and specific concerns, questions, or feedback you are looking for. Attaching the project is optional, but much appreciated. I will email you back if I accept the project.

I do not share or distribute the original or edited documents, or my client’s names and emails without express permission from the client.

Feel free to message my page on Facebook or comment here if you have any questions.

I use my pen name on this blog, but my first name is Allison, in case you were wondering.


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