Getting Healthy With My Best Friend

Today I video-chatted with my best friend (who lives halfway across the country from me) for a good couple hours. She has been my rock and has grounded me on many occasions when my fanciful mind had run me off into oblivion. We hadn’t talked over the phone or in a video-chat for a whole so it was good to see her.

Anyway, we have set up a couple of things over the past couple of days. Thursdays we are going to video-chat while we cook healthy meals and then we are going to work out together. That way, we have dinner made and food ready for after we work out.

Today I made chickpea chili with ground beef and peas. I was winging it and made it a little too spicy, but I can still eat it. Plus, it is packed with protein and I made enough to last me for a couple of days. She made pasta sauce.

She is a vegan, while I am still an omnivore, so when she gives me food suggestions it usually involves vegan meat, which has a lot more protein and a lot less fat on average than regular meat. Even though it’s a little more expensive, I am willing to try it out, so I am going grocery shopping tomorrow.

I also have to buy some more work out equipment, since all I have is a yoga mat and a thigh toner that my best friend shipped to me for christmas.

Over all I am feeling a lot more optimistic about working out and eating healthier now that I have a partner in crime. I didn’t really have the motivation to start working out until today, so the fact that she was willing to help me (since I know so little about this stuff and it’s been a passion of her for years) is invaluable.

We’ll see how long this lasts. Hopefully I can reach my New Year’s health goals!


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