Re-Thinking Getting a New Job

I said in a previous post that I was thinking about getting another job. I was applying to others, but something today, or I guess yesterday, changed my opinion.

The Assistant Store Manager (ASM) said to me that she loved working with me because I am reliable and she doesn’t have to babysit me or tell me to do things twice. She also said that when she looked at the schedule and saw me working with her she was so elated she told her husband about how happy she was.

Then, on my lunch the Store Manager (SM) said “someone’s lunch smells good” and the ASM told him that it was probably me because I always have the best smelling lunches. Then she said to me that when she was in charge of the schedule, that she would work with me every single time because she enjoys working with me so much.

She said I was the sweetest person there (a huge compliment considering all of the nice people I work with) and that all of the customers love me. The SM told me to tell her to give me a raise, which the ASM heard and said “If I could, I would. Why don’t you give her a raise?”. The SM responded with “I’m planning on it”.

I am currently still in my 90 day Orientation period (if you don’t know what that is, it basically means that you and the management are feeling each other out and if you don’t like the job or they say you aren’t the right fit, you are terminated, no two weeks notice needed, no hard feelings). I will still be in the Orientation until the beginning of February.

Honestly, I think that I have been spending so long saying I don’t like retail due to past experiences that I have overlooked the positives of this job.

For one, I have top-notch co-workers who give me compliments at least once per shift. Another thing is that every other shift I get my exercise in by walking around the store and putting stuff away (usually on a closing shift). I also get to meet all different sorts of people from all over the world, since I live in a popular vacation spot and am a cashier.

And, to be honest, I was telling myself I didn’t like my job so much that I didn’t realize that I actually enjoy it, a lot. At least, until I get hungry. Then it becomes a little more tedious to deal with everybody.

Right now, I am managing just fine. In fact, according to most, if not all, of my managers I am doing exceedingly well.

But I always dread work before I go in and then find myself enjoying it as soon as I get there. I guess that’s one way of always being pleasantly surprised and exceeding expectations. Expectations built on previous experiences in retail.

So I have decided to stop the job search for now. I am going to focus on enjoying this job without all of the preconceived notions I have had before about retail and evaluate this job as the stand-alone experience it is. I need to stop comparing it to past experiences because a different company is a completely different experience and atmosphere than the ones before it.


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