Mis-Reading Directions

Have you ever read something, understood it completely, and then had no ideas to follow the directions to the letter? I’ll give you an example from this past week in school.

I go to online school and am currently taking a class where I have to write a persuasive paper. The directions said to find two arguable issues with two clear sides related to your intended career or major.

I found one with my intended career to be a librarian  (as an author on the side, of course). The issue was “Are brick and mortar libraries becoming obsolete in the digital age?”. There are two clear answers: yes and no. Then all I would have to argue is why.

I couldn’t think of another one. So I came up with whether a Creative Writing Degree would be worth the trouble. But it turned out not to be researchable (the way that I phrased it was more of a matter of personal opinion and not researchable).

But now that I am thinking about it I have come up with something much more interesting to me than that topic (which I am pretty certain I am boxed into at this point).

The one I just came up with was whether an author should self-publish or go the traditional route (traditional meaning query letter, agent, publishing contract, etc.).

It can’t hurt to email my professor to see if she will allow me to change my topic two weeks into the term. At least it’s not four weeks in. That would be a lot more work to backtrack than just a bit of preliminary research gathering.

I will keep you updated on whether I get the approval for a new topic or not.

UPDATE: I am able to change my topic! The instructor said that now is the time to do so before any of the serious work has begun.


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