Applying to Different Jobs

Applying for jobs is hard when you are young and only have experience in one area. For me that area is retail. And although I love my coworkers to death, I would rather have a job where I can sit while I am working.

The only problem is that I am in school and I do not have any experience in anything other than volunteer work, so I don’t feel/appear qualified for anything else. Even though I am a hard worker, and I have been told I am reliable and learn quickly, and that I am good with customers, I still don’t think I will get any call backs for any job I apply to.

Maybe it is crippling self-doubt, or it might be realism making me think this way. Either way, I would love to have a job writing or editing rather than my current job. Even being able to sit, and be a secretary would be better for me than a cashier where I have to stand and be on my feet all day.

Did you know in other countries they give cashiers seats? Why is it different in America? I don’t understand this theory that “If you aren’t standing, you aren’t working” in the retail and restaurant industries.

I guess I’ll have to keep looking and applying. All it takes is for one company to take a chance on me for my resume and experience to broaden.


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