New Year’s Resolutions

This year was my first time making new year’s resolutions. Ever. I tended to stay away from it because of all of the horror stories I heard with not keeping them, or making the goals too lofty so they were never achievable.

So to get around this I decided to make my goals really easy to achieve. Something I could do fairly easily, but was challenging enough that I could still call them resolutions.

So, here are my new year resolutions.

  1. Save $200 a month
  2. Lose 10 pounds in 6 months
  3. Stay at my job for at least a year (I’ve never done that before)
  4. Keep a 3.5+ GPA
  5. Read 15-20 books this year
  6. Write at least 1/2 of the novel I am working on by the end of this year (it’s still in the planning stages)

I think that’s a pretty good list, myself. A few of them will be easy to keep, such as the $200 a month, the 3.5 GPA, and reading 15-20 books this year. The other three will be a but more challenging for me.

Good luck to all of you and your new year resolutions! I hope you are able to keep them or make considerable progress on them.


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