Writing Troubles

So I have been having trouble getting myself to start writing. Whenever I start to think about writing I always think “I’ll do it later,” then get lost on the internet never thinking about it again. Or I don’t think about it for days at a time. I do this with both my fiction and my blog.

Then there are the times that I am sitting down ready to write, and I have no idea what to write about. I’ll start and stop a hundred different ideas and put them down because I don’t think they’re interesting enough, or I don’t like the idea after a couple minutes of writing or even after a few sentences I realize how dull a piece of writing is going to be. This applies mostly to blog posts.

I usually have ideas for fiction, but they are usually longer pieces, like novels, that require a lot of thinking and planning in my head before I ever put pen to paper. Then, if I do start a project, it’s a delicate balance of outlining and writing, because if I outline too much I get tired of the story before I ever write it, and if I don’t outline enough I tend to miss the word count by a mile (we’re talking tens of thousands of words) and end up with a story with a lot of plot holes and that needs a terribly overwhelming amount of editing. I haven’t yet learned how to edit as I go. I need to though, especially since my goal is to write novels.

I could always write a biography, something based on my own life, but even that would need editing and polishing and consolidating. Plus, I’m a nobody whose life has just started so what would be the point of writing an autobiography? *Inner Critic Alert*

So I haven’t found a method that works best for writing long pieces of fiction, nor have I a lot of ideas for blog posts most days. I don’t want to write anything too personal about my mental illness, but since it is fairly unique and the way I deal with it is as well, a lot of people have told me to write about it. But it seems very personal, so I guess I am building up to that point.

I need a writing schedule, preferably every day, and a way to feel confident about talking about personal issues. We’ll see how I do that in the future.


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