Online Communities

I have recently become more active in my university-administered online communities. The two I have joined are the Book Club and the Creative Writing Review Club. I am also thinking about joining a couple others, like the Psychology Club and the Communication Club.

Since it is an online school all of the meetings are done through Adobe Connect and are set sometime in the evenings, anywhere from 5pm to 7pm. This allows the people who work a job as well as go to school to attend.

I recently attended my first meeting. But I sort of knew what to expect because I had watched the recordings of the meetings. There are always a little bit of technical difficulties with every meeting, but it’s great to connect with people of a like mind.

You don’t often get to connect with other people in your school when you’re an online student, except through Facebook groups and these clubs. And although the Facebook group is great, it’s mostly for questions, not really conducive to conversations about life and things you have in common.

That’s why these clubs are so great.


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